® Federacja Rodzin Katyńskich
    Federation of Katyn Families

Polish Cemeteries of the WWII – Bio-data of Victims

Bykownia, Kharkov,
Katyn, Miednoye

     Federation of Katyn Families prepared a set on Polish War Cemeteries - bio-data of victims, containing information on victims of the Katyn Crime buried at cemeteries in Bykownia, Kharkov, Katyn and Miednoye. The set was compiled based on data received from the Council for the Protection of Struggle and Martyrdom Sites (now dissolved) and the Institute of National Rememberance (INR). Part of the set was transferred to the INR by the KARTA Centre. In spite of much effort made by these institutions, the set is not complete and contains numerous errors. It applies in particular the spelling of surnames and names which stems from their transcription from Polish to Russian and back to Polish again. We hope that thanks to interaction among members of the Katyn Families and inputs from those still searching for members of their families as well as those interested in history of the Katyn Crime, additional information will be received. This will enable to fill the gaps and correct errors in the victims' database.

Henryk Tomecki