® Federacja Rodzin Katyńskich
    Federation of Katyn Families


We kindly request members of the Katyn Families to join efforts for improving database on the Katyn Crime. It is particularly important to:

  • review victims' database, indicating and correcting possible errors,
  • search and release Katyn Crime-related documents.

Information on the vicitims, their lives and professional achievements which in your view can contribute to expanding historical facts should be sent to the Federation of Katyn Families. Should you be unable to communicate with us through electronic means, we will find the right way to receive your input. For any other kind of contact please refer to our website www.federacja-katyn.org.pl.

E-contact addresses:

    --> Information Service of the Federation

    --> Webmaster:

You can support our project by voluntary contributions of any amount to the account of the Federation of Katyn Families:
PL56 1020 1156 0000 7902 0049 2397 – keyword: PROJECTS.